From The Shadows (2017)

Director: Jacques de Vos

Official Selection 2017

From The Shadows (2017)

A look at the interesting and very unique relationship between North Eastern Atlantic Orcas and the fisherman in Northern Norway.

Filmed well within the Arctic circle near the historically rich city of Tromsø, often referred to as 'The Artic Gateway'. The short documentary also features the first ever underwater footage of orcas in the wild feeding at night.

By showing a different side to these magnificent animals, the documentary also invites viewers and shows them how anyone can participate in both the conservation as well as research efforts supporting orcas and cetaceans throughout the world.

Director: Jacques de Vos


Director's Biography

Completely self-taught as an underwater photographer, Jacques has won several prestigious international UW photography awards; his photography has been published worldwide in several books and publications and he has also worked as a underwater camera operator on projects for companies like the BBC and Red Bull.

Originally from a small coastal town near Cape Town, South Africa, most of his underwater work is done while freediving (on a single breath of air). He is best known for his freediving photography as well as work with large marine life, most notably orcas in northern Norway.

Director's Comments

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